Easy Content Types plugin for WordPress makes custom content a point and click away


Pippin Williamson (whose standing desk you may remember from a recent WordPress Workspace feature) has released a new plugin called Easy Content Types. If you’ve ever wanted to create custom post types and taxonomies for your site, but are a bit freaked out working with code (or just don’t want to) this plugin could be perfect for you. Williamson’s plugin provides a handful of settings pages that make the creation of post types, taxonomies, and meta boxes.

If you aren’t sure what any of that means, the easiest way to show you is to have a look at the demonstration video below.

The Easy Content Types plugin is a paid plugin, available on CodeCanyon for $201. I know not everyone is crazy about paying for plugins, but for those among you there is hope here too:Β check out the giveaway of the plugin we’re running, just after the jump.

Plugin giveaway

Update: The winners of this giveaway have been chosen:Β Sebastian andΒ Myke, your plugins are on the way!

We have two copies of Pippin’s Easy Content Types Plugin to give away. If you’d like a copy of the plugin, just leave a comment sharing what you’d like to use the plugin to do. What sort of content types, taxonomies, and meta boxes would you like to be able to create on the fly? We’ll pick the two most interesting comments in 24 hours and send the plugin their way.

And hey, if you have a way of adding these custom content types to your site that you like better, or other plugins that do something similar, let us know in the comments as well.

1 Sometimes folks are concerned about licensing when purchasing plugins. Rest assured, WPCandy only covers GPL compatible plugins and the plugin discussed above is.

51 thoughts on “Easy Content Types plugin for WordPress makes custom content a point and click away

  1. Wow, so many useful possibilities for the developing hyperlocal newsman. Having experimented with Pods, I’m thinking this might be an even easier method to craft a directory of any number of things. Maybe it’s time to put a director of local creative economy groups together in my community. Thanks for telling me about this.

  2. Very exciting to learn of these tools to enhance the wonders of WordPress. I am developing a trail information site. Each trail post will provide stats on location, length, type (hike, bike) elevation gain & loss, highest point, season, open status, dog friendly or not, access & more.
    This plugin will serve great purpose to that functionality. Thanks!

  3. This looks like a very nice and promising plugin. However ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ I wouldn’t want a client going wild with CPTs. Maybe they should also allow the admin to set a maximum number of CPTs a user can create. Nevertheless, I’m very impressed and the custom meta boxes feature is something that looks really useful!

  4. Video looks excellent, just what we need. I’ve not yet found a business theme that does a good job with products. I’m in the process of working on this for a new version of my company’s website. this plugin would allow us to us create custom post types for products in different sectors, service and solution groups. It would also allow the creation of meta boxes for product features, technical requirements and lots more.

  5. Great plugin. That will speed up development a lot. Just curious though how this integrates to the front end of the site. Missed that in the video. Would be great to see a few screenshots of how the example works out in the frontend. Will keep an eye on this one. Thx.

  6. I’ve just spent the last two weeks doing a crash course in meta boxes, CPTs and a whole lot more under the hood for a magazine site I’m rebuilding. We’re using CPTs for the gallery, the magazine pages itself and also the video sections. So far I’ve struggled to get the custom taxonomies sorted out as well as some lingering meta issues. We’ve still to implement a FAQs section and that’s going to use a CPT.

    It’s one of the black art areas left in WP in making it readily accessible to developers, you do have to understand the fundamentals how things work before applying the principles. The advantage of a plug-in like this would make it easy to test ideas quickly and reduce dev time, especially if you want to add a new CPT section to the site. This is relevant to us as we separate the magazine from posts and other content for segregation and newsletters.

    It also means we don’t have to do custom loops excluding categories, which can change down the line. One remaining question is: Is there such a thing as too many CPTs?

  7. I do a lot of websites for industrial products (plastic, metals, ovens). I would use this plugin to expand and re-organize all the different types of industrial products that i have to deal with and update.
    I also deal with other types of websites, many of which make big use of the link manager. I would definitely use this plugin to create a new link manager that includes a lot more attributes relating to the link. Most of the time links are connected a business/site which also has other media profiles, logos, contact details. I would recreate the link manager as a post type.

  8. Well, this would be a great plugin for a work I’m doing. It consists on a WP website for an academic publication, which will need a really strong customization of its contents. This website is made totally with open source tools and I’m not charging anything for the work, as this is a part of my final work to present in the university. It is @ http://recommunicate.net – please notice I’m under the hood, so you will only see a 2010 WP template…
    If you need more info about the project in order to offer this plugin, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I even will write an article about it on my weblog! πŸ™‚

  9. I want to comment like Vivek, but if you just like it. I’m afraid it doesn’t mean you will give me the plugin.. πŸ˜€

    Anyway, I already get my hands dirty to this custom metaboxes that I implemented it in 80tasks.com but there are some request from the community to have some special post type to help each designer or developer for having to post by their work field.

    As example, if user is a designer create new post, only includes Download Link input and if user is Developer then, new post shows Download Link and Demo Link inputs.

    I think the community will get a new helpfull user experience with this plugin.

  10. Heeey.

    Currently I’m building a site for my class. A website is a great thing to communicate and to announce meetings or class events and so on – ’cause I already had a blog and I’m the only one, who has a bit experience in creating websites (and the only one, who make it unsolicited), I was chosen to create this website. So I needed to build a site where everyone of my classmates has the chance to publish their own blog posts.

    To realize that I chose WordPress, ’cause I’m a big fan of it and also had experience with this CMS from my time as blogger. I already modified a theme from ThemeForest and tried the best I can. I tried to create a easy workflow for my classmates to publish event announcements, normal blog posts and so on in the WordPress Dashboard, but I’m a bit concerned about the usability for my non-technical-guided classmates, ’cause all is made with the normal post type and they need to style i.e. the meeting announcements by themselve.

    Personally I think that these custom content type plugin would really help me. So instead of just having this normal post type, I could create an event announcement content type with this plugin, where my classmates are able to choose the time, topic and location just by typing it in a field. Another content type I would add is ‘Quotes’. Here it’s common to create a class newspaper in the end of school ’bout our whole school life. We decided to include funny quotes from our lessons in this newspaper. With a custom post type called ‘Quotes’ we could collect them with custom informations as the time, the lesson (english, math, …) and so on, the pupil just need to type in a field. Well, I have many other ideas like a classmate database or a custom content type for photos I could easily create with this easy content types plugin. πŸ˜€

    Best regards,


  11. Tell you what I’d do. Two chicks at same time. Always wanted to do that, and I reckon if I had a copy of this plugin I could hook that up.

    And of course I would save a fist full of time not having to write the code for another blasted custom post type or metabox for the next customized ‘portfolio’ section a client needs.

    Life would be good.

  12. That’s an awfully short video… I guess I’m kind of new to WP… past the install newbie stage but now in the wtf do I do with it now stage… Would this be a way of creating a web page with multiple topic blog with each topic possibly having its own style and theme, and be able to congregate on the main page with the feeds from the various topics?

    Anyways… can I please have one to play with? I’d be happy with a 30 day trial if it’s not too expensive. PS., I’m not an American. So, probably rules me out for the potential freebie.

  13. What’s funny to me is that a lot of other paid plugins (event managers, “profile makers,” etc.) basically are just front-ends for custom post types and taxonomies. With this one plugin, you’re essentially doing the work of hundreds of other plugins. Twenty bucks is really not a lot to pay when you think of it that way.

    Now, HAVING SAID THAT….I’d like a free copy. πŸ™‚

  14. I’ve been debating since the day it was released whether or not to purchase it. I can see it becoming real handy, especially the extended license. I personally would love to get my hands on it simply to explore the methods used to write this plugin. It looks so damn useful. I think the author did an amazing job. Kudos!

  15. Personally, I don’t mind writing the code for creating the Custom Post Types myself. It’s just me though πŸ™‚

    But, lately and for speed sake, I moved to using a combination of Custom Post Type UI by Brad Williams which lets you create Taxonomies as well. While for meta boxes or extra fields I use Brad’s plugin with another plugin called More Fields. by Henrik Melin and Kal StrΓΆm.

    So far that has been a happy formula! πŸ™‚

  16. Custom Post types are great and plugins like these certainly help speed up the process a bit, although coding them really isn’t that bad. I have to agree with Ayman, It seems like Custom Post Type UI already has most of the functionality of this new plugin. I guess either way though I wouldn’t mind playing around with it a bit.

  17. I’m a big fan of the More* plugins:
    -More Fields
    -More Types
    -More Taxonomies

    Some bugs exist, but the UI is perfect and it’s just plain simple to use.

    • @Matt,

      How far are you with the theme review website you’re busy building? if you don’t mind me asking! πŸ™‚
      Is there anyway you can share a link to that website?
      I’m busy building one myself at the moment! what a coincidence! πŸ™‚

  18. I want one too.
    How about a custom post type that flips the images and text upside down for when people on iPads have their screen lock on and pick the thing up the wrong way round?

  19. Quick question: Is it possible to “stack” these custom posts on top of one another? Like, in your video example, you simply had fields for author, pub data, etc. etc. Would it be possible to have, say, detailed author bios that you could then apply to any of the book in your custom UI? I ask because I’m currently designing a site for a conference and would like to list classes on their own detailed pages and be able to re-use class giver bios.

  20. All in one plugin to make WP more friendly. So ofc I’d love to include a copy in my arsenal ;).

    Currently I’m “remodeling” our company’s website to be more admin and user friendly and thus I’m utilizing a lot of 3.0 features to create custom content for events, business transactions etc. since here it’s all about time to deliver this tool would help me greatly with goals I have in mind. Plus it’s a lot easier to maintain all settings when they are gathered in a neat plugin and I’d at last have time to build my own site :D.

    Cheers and happy coding for all of (us?) who won’t get their hands on this tool.

  21. I gave this Plugin a test run before and I think it’s really nicely done but as a developer I like to the the coding version of setting things up better as most clients just get confused by this anyway.

  22. Can this be used to create meta fields that Facebook can grab when a person likes a post?

    My site, http://wakejournal.com is a weekly digital magazine, and I would like to improve the meta data sent to facebook when a reader likes a given issue. Currently, I have hard-coded open graph meta tags, so every post gets the same description.

    I have tried other plugins for managing that, and I haven’t had much success. Besides the myriad other uses for the plugin, that’s how I’d first implement it. Having a customizable box in each post to control what shows up on Facebook ‘likes’ sounds like a million dollar plugin to me.

  23. I would love a copy of the plugin. I want to redesign the event listings to use WordPress posts instead of the GigPress plugin I’m using. Seems like this could really help.

  24. I’m currently designing a website for a historian who does history tours, lecture series’, classes, etc. This would make it a whole lot easier for me to add an ‘Events” page to his site, and have custom fields for the date, price, addition links, etc.

  25. I’ve got three projects in the pipeline right now that would benefit from Easy Custom Content Types. Pippin’s plugin looks amazing and I think it’s ideal for people who want to be involved to some degree in maintaining or updating their own site. Out of the three projects one should get funding to buy a license but the other two are not at that stage yet. The projects are:

    Divine: The Series (http://www.divinetheseries.com/) – This is an amazing new web series that’s being produced by some of the people involved in Supernatural. The production quality will rival that of network television and even box office movies. The project is currently being funded out of the pockets of the partners involved and every spare penny is going towards production. We’re about to build episode guides, actor and character pages, cast and crew bios, picture and video galleries, thank you pages and a small online store that could potentially benefit from this great plugin and would save me hours of work and allow some of the not so savvy to help out. We’re hoping to have the site complete by the end of May so this could help get that done sooner.

    A volunteer project I’ve been asked to do is a site redesign for Vancouver Women’s Health Collective (http://www.womenshealthcollective.ca). They need a site built that a limited technical person can update and maintain as they can’t afford to pay for that service. On their site they have a page of workshops and events that would definitely benefit from a nice to use simple back end form that they could edit if needed. Further, they maintain a directory of health practitioners that I believe could go online very well with Easy Custom Content Types.

    The third is for a new film festival that’s coming to Vancouver. The project is in planning stages but I can envision Easy Custom Content Types being used in a number of places such as the directory of films, director profiles, event list, venue list, volunteers/people involved and volunteer positions and possibly more. This project is working on financing and would be able to afford the cost of the plugin.

    Should I go into painful detail about the features of each? I figure you’ve stopped reading by now… πŸ™‚

    Finally, with all those aside, it would be nice to get an unlimited domain license for it. I’ve personally got several tv show fan sites that I’d love to update with it. πŸ™‚

  26. Looks pretty awesome!

    I used the Custom Post Type UI plugin before, and what I really like about that, is that it gives me the possibility to export the code to use in a functions.php file. For me this is a killer option.

    Advantage of the Easy Content Types plugin to me, is that it has Meta Box functionality build in.

    I could use this for a Real Estate directory website I am building.

  27. I’m working on a personal website for our extended family that will allow us to share and archive family recipes. I’d love to test this plugin there!

  28. I’m still wrapping my head around best practices *when* to use CPTs. I’ve tried gobs of plug ins, but always run into something that drives me batty when getting the info to show up the way I want it in the front end.
    I’d love to be considered for a free copy of this one. Looks less aggravating πŸ™‚
    I would use it in a current newspaper project where I need an event type and (just a little morbid) an obituary CPT
    One thing I would like to see is the ability to add additional fields to the custom taxonomy – giving me the ability to include additional related information which I can display in the front end

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