Pippin Williamson launches membership section with more tutorials and plugins


Learning to develop WordPress plugins is becoming simpler due WordPress’ extensive and helpful community. At PippinsPlugins.com, Pippin Williamson is building a bit of a teaching community of his own. In addition to the free tutorials, beginning January 1st users can register and access subscriber-only tutorials as well as gain access to previews of new plugins, member-only giveaways, and more as the year progresses.

His prices seem pretty reasonable, too: a free trial for four days, or $2 per day, $6 per month, or $60 per year.

I spoke with Pippin to learn a bit more about his project. Pippin says the goal of the subscription model is to provide him the means to produce large quantities of high quality content—both tutorials and plugins. He says that he isn’t trying to create the WordPress tutorial site or outdo others, but just trying to offer tutorials that he hasn’t seen before in his own way. For instance, he argues that while “there never needs to be another tutorial written on how to create custom post types, but there do need to be tutorials written on really great ways to use custom post types.”

In the coming weeks Pippin says he will be seeking out other developers who are interested in contributing editorials. He plans to write the bulk of the content, but would like to see at least one guest tutorial per month.

Have you tried out any of Pippin’s tutorials on his site yet? Where do you go to find the most useful WordPress tutorials?

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  1. Great stuff, not only are Pippins plugins top notch I have spoken to him on a number of occasions (over email) and he is a really likable chap that is devoted to his work!

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