Pingdom names second most reliable hosted blogging service


Pingdom, the website uptime monitoring service, ran a test in 2010 surveying the uptime of a few major blogging services., Blogger, Posterous, Tumblr, and Typepad were all monitored for two months, both individual blogs on the host as well as the services’ homepages. The results of their testing revealed to be the second most reliable service, just after Google’s Blogger, with only about 20 minutes of total downtime in those two months.

The full report is available on Pingdom’s blog, but the basic information is here:

  • Blogger blogs: 0 minutes of downtime
  • blogs: ~9 minutes of downtime
  • Typepad: ~14 minutes of downtime
  • Posterous: ~128 minutes of downtime
  • Tumblr: ~47.5 hours of downtime

Downtime can be the worst. How much downtime does your blog typically see? Do you use Pingdom, or something else, to monitor your blog’s uptime?

4 thoughts on “Pingdom names second most reliable hosted blogging service

  1. I’ve just been thinking about this today. I want less downtime…

    But at least my site hasn’t been down for 2 straight days. The “We’ll be back shortly.” Tumblr message was awesome.

  2. Well, I don’t know if this counts, but when my host changed owners, the previous owner, which I helped and in return gave me a free account on the server, let me host anything. The new owner, shoots me an email telling me if I want to keep the site I’ll have to add a link. Surprise surprise, my site never went up. According to Pingdom it was down for 820H!

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