Pilcrow theme now available at WordPress.com, soon in the theme directory


WordPress.com has introduced Pilcrow, a new clean blog theme with a professional look. The older PressRow theme will begin phasing out this week, after the launch of its replacement, Pilcrow. Theme Wrangler Ian Stewart explains,

Pilcrow is an upgrade to the older PressRow theme we’ll begin phasing out next week. But Pilcrow isn’t just a simple replacement. We’ve pulled out all the stops to make sure it’s a better theme all around.

Pilcrow keeps the familiar, simple and clean PressRow look but we’ve expanded its basic design over six possible layouts and up to four sidebars and widget areas. The choice of theme layout is all yours.

In addition, Pilcrow allows you to upload your own headers and customizations. Head over to the WordPress.com to get your Pilcrow on!

4 thoughts on “Pilcrow theme now available at WordPress.com, soon in the theme directory

  1. I’ve missed the PressRow theme, so this is definitely welcome news. I still don’t think any theme has managed to replicate the awesome header that PressRow had (except Pilcrow).

  2. We are trying to move from a wordpress.com site to a self hosted wordpress.org site and are using the new pilcrow theme and love it. When will it be available for wordpress.org sites?

    • Currently the only place I know of that you can download Pilcrow is from the WordPress.com SVN: http://svn.automattic.com/wpcom-themes/pilcrow/

      You can download each file individually there, and rebuild it. Granted, the compatibility with self-installed WordPress blogs isn’t guaranteed. I wouldn’t recommend this course of action unless you feel comfortable working with theme files.

      I’m sure Pilcrow will be available on WordPress.org before long, of course. But I know how one can get antsy when working on a project, so if you really need to, check out that SVN option 🙂

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