Pier 38 in San Francisco, Automattic office, closed by city


It appears that Pier 38, Automattic’s official office space since 2009 (and home to a handful of other tech companies like Dogpatch Labs and True Ventures) has been deemed “unsafe” by the San Francisco Port Authority. After much negotiation between the tenants and the Port Authority, all tenants at Pier 38 must vacate the space by September 30.

Automattic’s office space is certainly not a traditional office space; the company is entirely distributed and uses the location primarily for meetings and events.

Moving locations isn’t much fun, particularly when the location holds as much history in the tech field as this one does. That said, it sounds like in this case the city is looking out for the safety of the occupants more than anything else.

There’s no word yet on where Automattic or the other companies will be relocating to, but we’ll keep you updated.

11 thoughts on “Pier 38 in San Francisco, Automattic office, closed by city

  1. Not sure about “safety”. From what I read on TechCrunch and other places (and everything I know about the situation comes from online reading of this sort of thing), it appears that the owner of the area has been in legal battles with the city for several years, and converted the space to offices without permits or anything else. So the area is zoned for one thing but has been turned into office space without proper inspections and such. There’s also something about a change of ownership? Regardless, it seems like this has been in the works for a while.

    Still, it seems like a rather crappy move on the part of the city to pull a stunt like this without giving adequate time for the tenants (who are likely caught in the middle) to move and find new space and such.

    • I’ve picked up on those threads too, but it’s difficult telling what is rumor and what is truth. No matter the reason for closing it, though, I agree it would have been nice for the city go give the tenants some more time than they did.

    • Another way to look at the “Safety” factor, as half mentioned below, If they’re willing to give a months notice to get out, it can’t be too urgent that repairs are done…

      Still, It’s a shame to see it go, regardless of the circumstances.

  2. > After much negotiation

    I wish! The port just kicked everyone out without any consultation or negotiation.

    We (Automattic) will be fine because as you mention we are distributed and can easily work uninterrupted as we look for a new space. But it’s sad to see such a vibrant tech incubation space with over 50 startups get broken up for no good reason (the “unsafe conditions” are easily fixable) .

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