Philip Arthur Moore leaving Graph Paper Press this week, Graph is hiring

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Thad Allender’s Graph Paper Press is made up of an international team of four (including him). This week theme developer and “Support Guy” Philip Arthur Moore, the member of the team currently living in Vietnam, announced that he will be moving on to other things. It’s not clear yet where Moore is headed, but it is clear that Graph Paper Press is looking to hire two new full time employees.

They’re looking to hire a full time designer and a full time developer at the moment. With employees in Nepal and Mexico (and now, previously Vietnam), Allender is clearly open to remote workers. If you’re interested in full time WordPress work, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind you getting in touch with him.

I’m curious: how many of you are aspiring to work for a theme shop like this, or a related WordPress business? Do you have your eye on something in particular, or are you content doing the work you’re doing right now?