Peaxl theme shop launches stylishly with a 50% discount


Peaxl is a brand new theme shop, and new in the sense that it has only been live for about six days. They’ve launched with four themes (that’s one parent theme and three child themes if you’re keeping score), but I’ll cut to the chase: if you use the discount code PXL-LAUNCH by the end of the day today you’ll still be able to catch 50% off using their week one launch deal.

And now that your hunger for discounted themes has been fed we can get back to the launch news.

Peaxl is the result of three designers and developers working together: Francis Chouquet, Thibaut Ninove, and Gilles Vauvarin. The great part is that between them they live in the French Alps, Belgium, and Switzerland. So while you can adore their themes, you can also legitimately be angry with them for living in amazing places.

Normally I ask what you folks think of the particular topic in each post, but this time around all I can think to ask is: how do you think Peaxl is actually pronounced? That one will be bugging me all day.

10 thoughts on “Peaxl theme shop launches stylishly with a 50% discount

  1. Thanks Ryan for the article, we really appreciate. I think Remkus is right about the pronounciation AND the strong french accent ! 😉
    Just wanted also to mention that we strongly believe in the parent/child themes relation, that is why we sell themes that way. New themes to come soon ! 😉

  2. They have some nice designs already, and looks like they went with responsive css as well which is excellent. I don’t think I’ll ever buy another theme that isn’t responsive, would like to see all theme designers make their themes multi-device ready.

  3. Thanks for the news! Just grabbed the parent theme, good thing wp candy is in my feed.

    Responsive design, well organized file structure. I’m excited to start digging in.

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