Pagely is celebrating their second birthday all month long

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When you have a big family holidays can often be a couple of days or even a week-long event. Pagely must have quite a family at this point then, because they’re celebrating their second birthday all month long.

The first bit of Pagely’s celebrations are a 50% discount to repeat customers through the 8th, and a giveaway on Twitter that runs through the 9th. See their blog post for more info.

Pagely co-founder Joshua Strebel reflected a bit on the last two years in his post:

Hey what do you know? Our little experiment here has worked like magic and we are excited to celebrate our 2nd birthday. Managed WordPress hosting was a novelty back in 2009 when we started, now it seems everyone is catching on to the benefits of security, performance, and automatic backups and upgrades.

Keep an eye on Pagely’s blog for more celebratory giveaways throughout the rest of the month.