will donate portion of revenue in February to WordPress Foundation

1 Comment founders Josh and Sally Strebel have committed to donating a portion of all new signup revenue during the month of February to the founded-not-so-long-ago WordPress Foundation. Joshua, on the blog, said they find it important to give back to the community that empowers them:

Our ENTIRE business is built around WordPress. We were the first and of course still the most baller pair of long haired hipsters to develop a suite of specialized deployment, upgrade, and secure hosting solutions for this amazing bit of software.

Pretty much we would not have a business if it were not for the ideals of open software.

Big thanks to all of those hackers, core developers, and volunteers that work so hard to make WordPress what it is. isn’t the only business built on WordPress trying to find a way to give back to the WordPress Foundation lately. iThemes is using their WPShirts project to send shirts to those who donate $50 or more to the WordPress Foundation (only in January).

Money contributed to the WordPress Foundation goes toward supporting the various software projects and community initiatives like providing cameras to WordCamps. As more and more WordPress businesses begin regularly contributing to the WordPress Foundation, what do you think the money should be directed toward?

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