gets a makeover and a new DNS provider


PagelyNewLook, the WordPress hosting provider, has revamped their look. They’ve also changed DNS providers, and now use Dynect.

The new look is lighter, a little less crowded, and more clearly directs the user to the next step with more prominent call-to-action buttons. A small gallery of screenshots comparing the two can be seen at the bottom of the post.

Regarding the switch to Dynect for DNS service, Joshua Strebel, founder of, says this:

This move has all sorts of advantages for our customers and us, mainly rock-solid DNS for faster and more responsive domain lookups and allows to stay focused on the WordPress performance and security side of things. Consider the bar raised.

Dynect also touts customers like Twitter, 37Signals, and Mashable.

4 thoughts on “ gets a makeover and a new DNS provider

  1. is an inspiration – they paved the way for specialized WordPress hosting and broke away from the traditional web hosting model. Thanks Josh and Sally – keep on keeping on.

    This is a smart move to use Dynect – they are a great company and provide a service that we normally don’t think about, but seems to be necessary. We’ve been looking into it too and we’ll tune in to your experiences.

    ~ Anthony

  2. blog and site is down!

    I hope customers aren’t experiencing this downtime.

    I think I’d change back to the old DNS provider.

    Consider the bar lowered.

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