gets charitably, donates 1% of profits to charity

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As a part of the 1% of Nothing project has pledged to give 1% of their profits to a charitable cause. The 1% of Nothing project’s goal is to connect startups and founders with causes. Those startups and founders can pledge 1% of their equity, profit, and/or time to a cause they’d like to support. If the startup gets acquired, that 1% becomes money for the cause. has pledged 1% of their annual profits to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Sally Strebel, a co-founder of, says that they chose to support St. Jude because they want to help children and their families who lack the luxury of being able to fulfill their dreams and to allow their clients to feel as if they’re a part of something bigger.

What charities or causes have you been involved with, either financially or by donating your time?