PadPressed makes site Flipboard-like on iPads, Flipboard cofounder says “pathetic”


A new commercial GPL Plugin from founder Jason Baptiste called PadPressed will provide a Flipboard-like experience to anyone visiting your site from an iPad.

The Plugin utilizes HTML5 and CSS3 to present site content in full screen with page turning effects and screen resizing based on the accelerometer. A custom icon can be added to the home screen by the user, and iPad-style social sharing is built in.

PadPressed is available for a one time $49 charge. Additional platforms will be supported “soon”, including Tumblr, Posterous, and Drupal.

Flipboard’s reaction

Flipboard is an iPad app that allows magazine-style browsing of RSS and Twitter feeds, and was one source of inspiration for the PadPressed project.

Evan Doll, cofounder of Flipboard, called the Plugin “lazy, uncreative and pathetic” on Twitter after news of the Plugin landed on TechCrunch. In response to this comment, Baptiste said:

The point [of the Plugin] was to show that the browser can be pushed in terms of design and what’s possible due to HTML5, CSS3,etc.  Flipboard is by far one of the, if not the most breathtaking content app, except it’s done as a native app.  So, we set the bar high and said: what if we could recreate the spirit of flipboard, but on the web?  Another tweet to reference would be Dion Almaer’s. This is about HTML5/Web over Native apps when it comes to content on the tablet, not PadPressed vs. Flipboard.

Have a look at the Plugin demo (with the included “Coverpad” theme) in the embedded video, after the jump.

Our full review of the Plugin will be up soon.

4 thoughts on “PadPressed makes site Flipboard-like on iPads, Flipboard cofounder says “pathetic”

  1. For the sake of PR, the flipboard guy should just stick to the facts rather than resort to name-calling. It’s great to see a plug-in released that fully utilizes the latest in HTML5 & CSS3 specifically for an environment where it is supported. I also think releasing the software as a wordpress plug-in is probably a smart business move. How many wordpress sites are out there vs. the number of iPads…

  2. I tried this plugin when it was first released and while the idea is great, it was SUPER buggy and I had major issues with it. I look forward to testing it again (incidentally, that’s why we didn’t write it up for Mashable back in July or August) and if the bugs are worked out, I think it’s an interesting plugin.

    • Yup, the first version was super alpha, but we’ve worked through the bugs. The new CoverPad version is, well, way better, to say the least. Looking forward to having you test it out.


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