PadPressed becomes OnSwipe, raises one million in funding

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In October we profiled PadPressed, a startup by Jason Baptiste that at the time had released a WordPress plugin that turned your blog into a Flipboard-like magazine layout for iPads. PadPressed has since become OnSwipe, and has raised just over one million dollars in funding.

We like to call that the WPCandy bump.

Aiming to be more than a plugin, OnSwipe describes itself as a platform that makes it easier for publishers of all sizes to make their content/advertising a solid experience through a web browser. OnSwipe is now backed by investment firms Spark Capital, Betaworks and ENIAC Ventures and based out of New York City. Founder Jason Baptiste says they will use their recent funding to expand OnSwipe from WordPress into other content management systems like Moveable Type, and eventually any website will be able to take advantage of their work.

The platform itself has switched the toggle back to beta preview mode, so you’ll have to send them your email to receive updates about their progress. In the meantime, they are looking to hire a front end developer, and you can follow them on Twitter at their fresh new account @onswipe.

Whoever said there wasn’t money in WordPress plugins?