Ozh, Brad Williams and Justin Tadlock collab on plugin dev book

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Ozh Richard, Brad Williams and Justin Tadlock have announced on their respective blogs that they will be collaborating on a WordPress plugin development book. The trio will be working with Andrew Nacin, a core developer of WordPress, as their technical editor. Regarding the contents of the book, Williams said:

“This book will be jammed packed with plugin knowledge from beginner topics like creating your first plugin, security, and settings, to more advanced topics like JavaScript and AJAX, Cron, and the mysterious Rewrite API. This book will have something for everyone looking to learn or expand their knowledge on building professional plugins in WordPress.”

The book is expected to be released by Wrox in March 2011 and will continue the Professional WordPress book series.

One thought on “Ozh, Brad Williams and Justin Tadlock collab on plugin dev book

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