Orman Clark breaks all time Theme Forest monthly sales record and expands team


Orman Clark record Orman Clark, founder of PremiumPixels.com, has surpassed the all time Theme Forest monthly sales record with a stunning $47,000 in WordPress theme sales. The previous record was set in March at $42,000.

You may recall Mike McAlister’s call for higher prices at ThemeForest that generated a lot of attention, a response from Collis Ta’eed (the owner of Envato), and Envato’s ensuing Elite program, where certain proven authors are now allowed to price themes up to 30% higher than the base price for a given item. Clark has raised the price of almost all of his themes to $40 (versus a more typical $35) without missing a beat.

Clark’s official Theme Forest profile shows him in a range of $250,000 – $1,000,000 of sales overall. That ranks him 8th of Theme Forest’s most popular authors all time, despite being a member for 5 months less than anyone else in the top 25 at the time of this writing. Clark joined Theme Forest under his current profile in October of 2010.

One thing I had previously wondered about Clark and other popular authors on Theme Forest was how they could possibly manage support. Clark has said before on Twitter that he’s hired some help for support forums, but today he announced that he’s hired Gilbert Pellegrom as a full time web developer.

You may already know Pellegrom as the creator of the immensely popular Nivo Slider plugin and one time partner at the now defunct Biothemes. He’s announced on his blog that he’s leaving a full time job as a Software Engineer to work with Clark on creating awesome themes and WordPress products at ZillaMedia. ZillaMedia is Clark’s registered company in the UK, and his umbrella for current and future projects.

If you’d like to learn more about Clark, you may also enjoy our Q&A with him from January of this year. Also, let us know what you think about these accomplishments and business decisions in the comments. Personally, I’ve been amazed at how Clark’s combination of freebies at PremiumPixels, collaborations with folks like WooThemes, and trend-setting designs have set him apart.

15 thoughts on “Orman Clark breaks all time Theme Forest monthly sales record and expands team

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but ThemeForest authors aren’t required to provide support, right? It’s always surprised me that guys like Orman go to such lengths to provide theme support. His stuff is so solid and well-documented, I have to imagine it would still sell well without the additional support staff answering questions.

    • You’re right, support is not a requirement over at ThemeForest but in all honesty, it is a requirement if you want to be even half successful in this game.

      Success or failure aside, I’m not sure I could even think about offering products without it. Doesn’t feel right. I would expect support if I were the customer and so I’m more than happy to provide it to mine. It’s strangely satisfying too!

  2. orman does great work, ive bought a few of his products and the designs, support, and everything about orman is great

  3. Congrats Orman!

    Now it’s time for you to grow your business on your own terms. Envato helped get you here, but you really should consider breaking away. You should be making 100% of the sale and doing so on your own terms.

    You’ve built up a great following, sales may drop in the short term… but you’ll make up for it in the long run with the increased revenue from each sale you would receive. Not to mention how many sales you could generate by implementing a solid affiliate program.

    • The affiliate angle is way to go. For example the thesis theme by chris pearson is outdated and ugly. However he has the best affiliate network thanks to super affiliates like sugar rae promoting him. Orman would be tough to beat with a quality product and strong affiliate promoters.

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  5. Orman you deserve every bit of success you get. Your themes have been a breath of fresh air this past year and I think have invigorated and raised the standards of a lot of new themes coming out of themeforest recently.


  6. I actually got to know Orman’s – let’s say pretty good – work from Brian’s blog about year ago. It’s just great to see that it’s bringing in the money too.

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