Organize Series plugin version 2.2.5 released

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After weeks of hard work, the WordPress plugin Organize Series has been updated to version 2.2.5. With much help from users and fans from the WordPress community, version 2.2.5 has eliminated all reported bugs.

Darren Ethier, the developer behind Organize Series, is very appreciative of all the support and feedback that allowed him to to modify and update the plugin.

As posted by Ethier, the bugs fixed are:

  • fix for scheduled posts not retaining a set series part number.  When users scheduled posts that were part of a series they were unable to have any number they entered for series part “stick”.  Should work as expected now!
  • fix for “<<Manage Series” showing up in the browser title when a series archive page is displayed.  I’ve completely removed that text and now just the “Series: {series title} << {Blog Title}” is showing up.

Download your copy of Organize Series 2.2.5 at the Plugin Directory.