Order a WordCamp Philly ticket this week if you want a shirt


WordCamp Philly organizer April Heline announced that t-shirts for attendees will be ordered at the end of this week, and anyone planning on attending should register by Friday if they would like a shirt at the event. If tickets aren’t ordered by the end of the week shirt sizes and availability can’t be guaranteed.

WordCamp Philly is just over thirty days away — just one month — so it’s time to get serious if you plan on attending. There are still more than 150 tickets available for the event, which you can pick up for $20 each.

Will you be going to WordCamp Philly in November? What are you looking forward to the most?

3 thoughts on “Order a WordCamp Philly ticket this week if you want a shirt

  1. Should I mention to the organizers that they are overlapping with WordCamp Toronto?
    I so wanted to go to WCP but since I live in Toronto, I just bought tickets to WCT.

    Please don’t ever do this again. I was crying for 3 hours, 3 LOOOONG HOURS. I will pray tonight that a flying cow, a BIG FAT FLYING COW falls upon each of the organizers.A different big fat flying cow for each, not just the same one.

    WCP would of been my first WordCamp outside Canada/in the US of A. I have gone to so many conferences in the US but all these years due to scheduling conflicts….WCP would of been my first American WC.

    Good luck, at WCP.

    • Sorry you’ll miss it Miroslav. Unfortunately it can be tricky when setting a date for an event. There will always be overlap of some kind, so we did our best to avoid any conferences in the general Philly area.

    • We had been pegging 11/5 for quite a while and had just received final approval from WordCamp Central to announce our dates when that day, literally the same day we were to announce, WC Toronto announced their dates to be the same weekend.

      What were we to do?

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