Oli Dale teases a new theme shop called Theme Furnace


Oli Dale, the owner of WordPress blog WPLift, has announced his intentions to launch a new theme shop called Theme Furnace. In his post on WPLift Dale said he is planning to launch the shop in 2012 with a handful of themes, likely under some form of club membership arrangement.

If you’d like to be notified when Theme Furnace launches you can sign up for the newsletter on their site. Furthermore if you’re looking for WordPress work (hey, that’s a theme here today) he’s also looking for developers and designers interested in helping him out.

Dale admitted that the commercial theme market is a very crowded one, but said he “believe[s] there is room for more competition as the WordPress user-base is growing at an exceptional rate.”

So what do you think about Dale’s upcoming shop? Is he right, is there still room for more WordPress theme shops in the market?

9 thoughts on “Oli Dale teases a new theme shop called Theme Furnace

  1. Yes there are quite a lot of commercial WordPress theme shops around now, but I believe there is always room for more. If you’re smart about it, and can create professional, high quality themes, it is possible to compete with and even beat existing players. I’m looking forward to seeing what ThemeFurance create.

  2. Hi,
    Yes there is room for more theme providers, as i am thinking the number of WordPress user is also increasing in very fast pace

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