Old plugins and themes now hidden in WordPress.org searches


Matt Mullenweg, during his keynote at WordCamp San Francisco last weekend, announced that old plugins and themes will now be hidden from search results on WordPress.org and on WordPress Dashboards. In this case “old” means that a theme or plugin hasn’t been updated in two years. The change should help users find the plugins that will help them the most, as well as help weed out the neglected or abandoned plugins that could cause problems for users.

For themes, this means they must be updated to include proper functions and be green lighted by the theme review team in the last two years to show up in search results. Plugins are a bit different. Two year old plugins that are still compatible and secure only need to bump their required and tested version numbers to be brought back into search results.

During Mullenweg’s keynote he joked that the new policy even encouraged WordPress Lead Developer Mark Jaquith to update his popular plugin Subscribe to Comments. Jaquith later pointed out on Twitter that his plugin hasn’t been updated quite yet, but it’s almost there.

Do you have any themes or plugins that you will need to update so users can continue finding them when they search? What do you think of this new policy on WordPress.org?

4 thoughts on “Old plugins and themes now hidden in WordPress.org searches

  1. One thing that is missing is the option to notify users that have those old plugins installed.

    For example, the wp-phpmyadmin plugin was in the repository and thousands of people installed it. It got removed from it months ago because of a serious security vulnerability, but the users with it installed never got a notification that it should be deleted as well.

    Same for many other plugins that get removed from the repositoriy and the users never receive a note about it.

  2. This is like cleaning your room by throwing everything away that’s two years old or older – awesome for moldy plates, bad for shirts with money in the pockets.

  3. Well imo it´s a good think, this means that there is gonna be a change of themes.
    Where new theme designer will be given a better chance to get their themes out on blogs.!

    On plugins finally.! I can´t be the only one that gets some what pissed off, by having to download 10 plugins to find one that works.!
    Do go for it! 🙂

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