Oklahoma’s Lieutenant Governor visits the iThemes offices


Let’s just get this out in the open: it’s widely recognized that WordPress businesses will make your political campaign. It’s true. Associate yourself with that magic W and your path to re-election is set.

Okay, those things I said are not true. Just likely. What’s very true is that the Lieutenant Governor of Oklahoma Todd Lamb visited the iThemes offices last week, since iThemes was founded and currently operates in Oklahoma City. While Lamb was there, CEO Cory Miller explained to him just what they do at iThemes.

Lamb was appointed by the Oklahoma governor as the “small business advocate” for the state, so visiting iThemes was a part of that role. For Miller’s part, he is very interested in developing his home state’s tech startup reputation as evidenced by his Silicon Pasture talk at SXSW.

As WordPress businesses get larger, they will undoubtedly have an impact on the small business ecosystems around them. Are you seeing anything similar for WordPress businesses in your city?

3 thoughts on “Oklahoma’s Lieutenant Governor visits the iThemes offices

  1. Many a true word is spoken in jest, as they say. I’m a UK-based creator of WordPress-based sites: my company, Puffbox has worked with a number of political clients in the past couple of years. And so far, we have a 100% success rate: literally every candidate who has engaged our services has gone on to victory in whatever election they were standing in. Indeed, our WordPress-based site for one London member of parliament was named best use of digital in our 2010 general election.

    I’m making the most of that distinction while I can, though: we’ve just started work on behalf of one prospective candidate for Mayor of London, who wouldn’t be many people’s favourite to win. Magic W, do your stuff! 🙂

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