Okay Themes will give 3 people free themes on launch day


Mike McAlister is a WordPress developer who, until now, has primarily been known for the themes he sells on ThemeForest. That will soon change since he is preparing his own brand in Okay Themes, which this week is offering a bit of a theme giveaway to those signing up to hear more about it.

Of those that drop by Okay Themes and leave their email, McAlister will randomly select three people to give away four of his Okay Themes to on the shop’s launch day.

A quick bit of trivia: Mike authored one of the most popular editorials on WPCandy this year, about pricing on ThemeForest (over 200 comments!). He’s also one of the authors in the first issue of the Quarterly.

You have to appreciate McAlister keeping expectations at bay with a name like Okay Themes. Although, it does sort of mess up my planned launch of Meh, So-So Shoulder Shrug Themes. Drat.

12 thoughts on “Okay Themes will give 3 people free themes on launch day

  1. I can’t wait to see what Mike does with his new company. As we’ve seen with Orman Clark, there are some really talented designers on the rise in the WordPress community.

    Mike’s not only a great designer, but a cool guy. Or shall we say “okay” guy. 😉

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