Nab a free theme from Okay for a high Tetris score


Forget what I said before, because I think now I have the best thing for you on a Friday. Over on Okay Themes’ website (launched earlier this week) an easter egg in the footer navigation of the site will open up a game of Tetris that owner Mike McAlister stashed there. Besides trying to beat my score in the image above—booyah—a high enough score will also earn you a free theme from Okay. Check it out while it lasts.

In addition to the game, keep an eye on the other nooks and crannies of Okay Themes’ site. McAlister gave me the impression there are further easter eggs hidden within that might include more freebies.

This is probably the most fun I’ve ever had (and time wasted) on a theme shop’s website. It’s great to see a site with a playful, creative nature to it like that. Can you think of anything else like this popping up on a WordPress shop’s site before?

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