Okay Themes throws its hat into the theme shop ring


We’ve got a new kid on the theme shop block, and it looks like they’re going to be aye okay. (Sorry.) Mike McAlister, author of the popular editorial about theme prices here on WPCandy back in May has started a new business: Okay Themes.

Aside from the intriguing name (Just “okay”? Why not “great” or “amazing”?) this is interesting because of Mike’s history with the WordPress theme market. He was a popular author on ThemeForest and started a great discussion by positing the idea that themes are worth a lot more than $35. He’s turned that on his head by offering his four starting themes for $25 a piece. While he claims these are starting prices, it will be interesting to see what happens now that he has his own shop and can charge whatever he wants.

While I know on the last podcast I was rather critical of new theme shops, I think this will be one to watch going forward. You can read his full introduction post here, and be sure to check out the themes!

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