Obox’s latest mag.Press brings new OCMX Typography Manager


After a month of preview Obox Design has released mag.Press, a new WordPress magazine theme. According to David Perel of Obox mag.Press will serve as the framework, or base theme, for future theme releases from Obox. The new theme features multiple home page widgets and a new video widget, but the most notable new feature is the OCMX Typography Manager. Perel explains:

When creating this theme the item that topped our list was the word ‘customizability’. This theme had to be easy to modify not only from a coding stand point but also from the control panel.

This lead to a comprehensive rethink of our font and color styling is managed in a WordPress Theme.

The new Typography Manager allows you to set the size and color for the fonts across the theme. See the demo video for this particular feature just after the jump.

mag.Press is available starting at $40 from Obox. Demo the theme or purchase it if you’re interested.

Thanks to Obox we have a copy of mag.Press to give away in the comments. What I want to know (aside from your thoughts on the theme, of course!) is whether you think the Typography Manager is a big step forward for themes. Do you think we’ll see other themes adopting something similar? Most engaging comment wins the theme, so get to it!

4 thoughts on “Obox’s latest mag.Press brings new OCMX Typography Manager

  1. I think the typography manager is a huge step forward for features in a premium WordPress theme! Developers can implement typography in a few ways, but end users don’t always know how to get other fonts into the system and this makes it extremely easy. Hopefully all of the premium theme developers start to implement features like this!

  2. I think it would be really cool if more premium themes included typography options, especially since the advent of Google Fonts and the @font-face CSS specification makes font choice a little more widespread than plain old web safe fonts.
    What would be really nice is the ability to not only use predetermined fonts built in to the theme, but to also be able to upload and manage your own fonts (if the fonts’ licences permit it).

  3. A correct use of fonts brings out the identity of your blog. It is sometimes hard for the non-techies to change them in the stylesheet.

    I haven’t seen any themes with Typography Manager that allows you to change fonts for the navigation, content, post titles, widget titles etc so easily. Glad to the the newest innovation from Obox-Design!

    I agree with Craig that it would be perfect for users to upload their own fonts instead of choosing those predefined ones.

  4. Hey Guys,

    Thanks for your awesome comments 🙂

    In terms of uploading your own fonts, this is definitely in the pipeline along with SFIR/Coufon integration, we will also allow you to insert 3rd party font scripts such as TypeKit etc.

    Hope that clears things up a bit.


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