Run off with a box, err, bundle of Obox Themes for just $14


Obox Themes has been running a Bundle Sale this month that has fourteen of their themes available for just $14. Technically speaking, though, only four of those fourteen are WordPress themes; the others are for Tumblr and Posterous.

Still, four themes for $14 is still a heckuva deal. The deal is running through the end of the month, and on the 31st not only is the deal up but the themes themselves will be discontinued.

Their promotional page says the reason for the deal is that since they are planning to reduce the number of themes they offer, and they want to make sure everyone who wants their themes has a chance to pick them up. It’s not clear just how many themes will remain, but David Perel did say:

We wanted to focus on our best selling items and felt that we couldn’t give the other platforms / long tail themes the attention they deserved.

So instead of tagging them along we took the hard line and decided to discontinue them. It’s all in the interest of quality products from Obox 🙂

The theme purchase also brings with it one year of support. Head on over to their bundle page for more information.

Will you be picking up their themes while this crazy discount is running? What do you think of the idea of theme shops discontinuing past themes to focus on their most popular themes and features?

2 thoughts on “Run off with a box, err, bundle of Obox Themes for just $14

  1. Obox, none of their site’s part is powered by WP, they are not using WordPress even for their blog. How can I trust them and use their WP products?

    • Obox doesn’t just sell theme for WordPress. We also sell Posterous and Tumblr themes.

      My personal blog is on WordPress and Marc’s on Tumblr. Our site was built in just under a month from scratch and at the time it made sense to use our own CMS. Since then it’s grown and grown to the point that we would need to dedicate a huge amount of time to converting it to WP.

      As much as we would like to do that we would prefer to put all our resources into making awesome themes for all the platforms we support.

      One day we will sit down and re-write our entire site, but as long as the site works (perfectly for now) then we see no need.

      With regards to the blog… We are actually a couple of weeks away from pushing the WP version live. Once again it’s just been a case of time as opposed to a case of expertise.

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