Obox says ThemeForest decision was a good move


In February of this year Obox Themes announced that they would be joining ThemeForest and making their themes available there as well. According to Obox’s David Perel, doubts about the efficacy of their decision in that post’s comments were misplaced — in fact the move has worked out well for them so far. Not only that, but since February ThemeForest has generated $50,000 in earnings and approximately 1,500 new users.

Perel then said that they didn’t see their decision so much as setting up shop at ThemeForest, but as something a bit different:

People look at it the wrong way to be honest. We see ThemeForest not as a shop selling our goods but instead as a very good affiliate. They deliver more than the average affiliate and in return all we need to do is make sure our themes are up to date on their side.

All of Obox’s ThemeForest customers are given the same support options that their regular users are. Perel said that the additional users are no different than their other users, althought it does take more time to update their themes using the ThemeForest submission system. Despite the additional work, Perel said that upon consideration of the renveue they have seen in the last months, “it’s been worth it.”

If you run your own theme shop, does this news entice you toward offering your themes on ThemeForest as well? What do you think of the view that ThemeForest is a solid affiliate, instead of a different offering altogether?

17 thoughts on “Obox says ThemeForest decision was a good move

  1. This is something we’ve been going back and forth on for our themes at Max Foundry as well. Looking at ThemeForest as essentially a high-performing affiliate is a great way to think about it. Thanks to the Obox guys for sharing their insight.

  2. Hmmm. Interesting, seeing them as an affiliate instead of another theme shop sounds good.

    I would go as far as offering our PSD files or even HTML versions then if the customer wants a WordPress version they can then purchase the theme from our own site.

    I think thats most likely the best way to go about it.

  3. But at the end of the day – they aren’t just an affiliate. They are controlling your point of sale. It’s building the Theme Forest brand more than it is the OBOX brand. If Theme Forest suddenly changed somehow or went out of business, all the efforts you put into promoting your work on their site would be in vain when that time could have been spent getting creative and promoting your own brand.

    • Also, how do we know OBOX wouldn’t have made $50,000 from their own website this year had they not put their themes on Theme Forest? They were a growing company and naturally would make more money as they release quality products.

      A lot of their personal branding stopped around the time they put their products on Theme Forest. I used to love the branding and advertising things that OBOX used to do like “from the couch”. That has all since stopped and I hadn’t heard from them in about a year. I thought they went out of business till I saw this post. From my perspective, the OBOX ‘brand’ has suffered because of Theme Forest.

      • From the couch stopped loooong before TF 🙂 Plus sales on Obox have gone up since we’ve been on TF.

    • Not sure I agree there. The Obox brand is pasted all over the theme pages on TF, if anything it grows the Obox brand even more and exposes us to users who’d never have known about us in the first place. Your fear of the brand being diluted is unfounded in this situation.

      Our brand’s been boosted and if TF closed or changed tomorrow… We’d still have Obox.

      Plus the time and resource it takes to maintain our stuff on TF is minimal. I’ve spent more time reading articles on sites than I have had to worry about the time that TF requires 🙂

  4. I spoke spoke to Dave via Twitter and he confirmed that they had a special deal with Themeforest. I can only assume this means they get more than the standard %25 for a non-exclusive author. The average theme seller would make $12500 on $50g’s of earnings.

  5. Since Obox is non-exclusive, it would make TF a very high-commission affiliate if you chose to look at it like that. Even if they have a “deal” to get more than 25%, I can’t imagine it being that much more….

    • Well this is a unique situation and part of our deal was that we would still be able to sell our themes on our site. I would have never done a deal if they got 75% of the sale. That aint good business.

  6. I honestly struggle to understand why some people are cynical toward ThemeForest. Has the marketplace not proven itself over the last four years? An author took home $50,000 a few months ago. Come on… 🙂

    • Yeah, I don’t know why TF leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths, but I’ve bought quite a few themes on their site and have had a great experience as well as great support from the developers. Without TF, I don’t think I would I even know about half of these themes.

      • Agree with you about TF. Have my self used the site a few times and would for sure not know about half these themes if not for TF. Have had mixed experiences as regard to support from the developers – but in general good support.
        I see it as an easy one-stop-shop.

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