Obox Mobile launches, with WooThemes partnership

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After teasing it last week, Obox Design has today launched their new mobile product, Obox Mobile. Obox Mobile is a Plugin combined with themes that convert your site into a mobile format when someone visits from a mobile device.

The Plugin and three included themes are available in one package for $50, and can be previewed at demo.obox-design.com/oboxmobile. The three available themes are MobiLight, MobiDark, and WooMobile, designed by Mark Forrester of WooThemes.

Obox Mobile launch gallery:

This new product introduces a kind of partnership between Obox and WooThemes. The new Plugin and themes are going to be “the recommended solution to all WooTheme users”, and future releases will incorporate functionality from WooThemes as well.

On the partnership with WooThemes on this product, Obox’s David Perel said:

We live forty minutes away from Woo, and have been friends with Adii and Mark since before we started Obox Design. Then when I saw that they were looking for a plugin to integrate with I contacted Adii right away. An agreement was made quite quickly.

Obox is also giving away a free iPhone to someone who purchases the Plugin this month, which you can read more about on their launch blog post.

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