Obox Design welcomes Nick Hamze to their team

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Obox Design has hired Nick Hamze, previously one of their “Approved Theme Modifiers”, as their new part time developer. David Perel of Obox described the the hire in the 2011 new year’s post. He said:

We have decided to use his coding skills to aid Marc in creating some incredible features and themes. Nick stays in the States and will therefore be working remotely, by using an extra pair of hands means we can get more themes out to you more often.

Perel said he was hired for the his passion and for the mods he has done on Obox Themes. With David and Marc, this brings the team to three. Hamze is a law student slash web designer in South Dakota, USA. He blogs at NIckHamze.com and you can follow him on Twitter at @nickhamze.