Obox Design hiring independent designers to freshen up their theme lineup

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Obox Design has settled deals with designers Lukes Beard, Brian Hoff, and Josh Hemsley. No new themes will be completed for at least a month, as the deals were all very recently completed. According to David Perel of Obox, the move is to prevent any of their themes from feeling too similar to one another:

We deciding to take a new strat this year in terms of the design. My style is my style and as good as our themes may look a “samey-ness” tends to come through. So we are going full steam ahead with top designers

Perel also described how they will be integrating the WooTumblog functionality into their mag.Press theme, so they are asking the designers to try and incorporate those things too. It is expected that each designer will complete just one WordPress theme. Depending on how theme sales go, they will reevaluate and look into more.

Do you find many WordPress theme shop’s designs start to look the same? If so, which shops are the biggest offenders?