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In our recent post about Small Potato’s Project Hosting, we talked a little bit about the hosting service. And guess what? After an hour or two of thinking, I decided to move WPCandy from Site5 to Small Potato’s sever, for a month! We’re going to be testing his hosting service and see what it’s all about. Excited as much as we are?

Like I said, we’ll be testing his host for a month and after that month, I’ll write a review about how it all went! I’ve had a few issues here and there with Site5 (the host I was using before), so I hope I have no issues at all with Small Potato’s Hosting.

My Experience So Far

Yesterday night I ordered the hosting plan and by around 2 P.M. today, everything was all transfered, set up, and properly working. Impressive! I’d have to say, with Small Potato (SP) operating the migration process, it went extremely smooth. I simply gave SP my old host login information and he transferred all the necessary files over.

Not only was the migration great, his support was too. Seeing as I was new to the host, I had some questions. I opened a couple of support tickets and with decent response time, SP answered and helped me solved all my questions. Great host support turns me on. I’ll have to submit a support ticket in the wee hours of the morning to really test his response time, haha!

But the one thing that really pushed me to getting the host was that I’m going to be actually hosted with Small Potato himself. As he stated on his blog, “I’ll look after the uptime of your blog like its my own simply because downtime for you means downtime for me too.” That means a lot to me.

If all goes well and I can gather up some money, I’ll be staying with SP. So cheers!

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Again, I’m not posting this because I get something out of it, only because I owe it to SP.

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