Notepad Chaos WordPress Theme


Notepad Chaos is a beautiful, 2 column theme with a vibrant design including “personal” design elements such as handwritten headings, stick-it-notes, clips and pins. The theme was designed by guest designer, Evan Eckard. [Link]

4 thoughts on “Notepad Chaos WordPress Theme

  1. Matt – the purpose of the Community section is to provide external links and a brief description of what we’re linking too. Some of these links will turn into reviews or articles later, but they won’t be included in this section.

  2. I would tend to agree with Matt. I appreciate what you’re aiming at, but when I get this through in my RSS reader and click through to the site to get more info, the info presented isn’t much more than a link to an external site (which hopefully most designers would be subscribed to anyway) 😛

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