WordPress wasn’t accepted into the Google Summer of Code 2012


Google announced the organizations that have been chosen for participation in the Google Summer of Code 2012, and WordPress isn’t one of them. Jane Wells said that the rejection from GSoC this year was a bit of a surprise, after a successful run last summer and what seemed like a positive response to this year’s intended direction:

Why did we get rejected? We don’t know yet. I used last year’s successful application as a template. There will be a feedback meeting in a week or so, and Carol says to attend that when it is announced and we can find out why during that meeting.

Wells said that a summer mentorship for the 3.5 development cycle is still a possibility, and that college credit for independent study could be offered in place of the monetary reward. It sounds like a number of options are still being considered.

Google Summer of Code is a global program that offers student developers stipends for contributions to open source projects. Past WordPress GSoC projects included WP Document Revisions, Language Packs, and Template Versioning.

3 thoughts on “WordPress wasn’t accepted into the Google Summer of Code 2012

  1. I know why WordPress wasn’t selected. It’s because WordPress is marching toward dominating the small business website niche, if not most website niches, and Google is not so happy about it.

    That is also why (in my opinion) they’ve launched the Google “Get Online” initiative (http://www.gybo.com/ ). It’s a program aimed at getting small businesses online … hooked into the Google architecture, including hosting, etc. They’ve teamed up with Intuit and the Small Business Development Centers in every state and are offering website development seminars where they make you a “free” website in an hour and a half.

    Besides the fact that WordPress is a direct competitor with Blogspot and Google Sites, small businesses are a hub of economic and social activity and Google is not going to promote a platform that does not send all of its data through Google.

    • I think Google understands that it needs platforms like WordPress, that out of the box (pre-user modifications) comes fairly SEO friendly. That is a great thing for Google since it allows their visitors to quickly find what they need with accurate results. There has to be another reason that WordPress was not selected. I mean they selected Mozilla which is in direct competition with Chrome so I don’t think it is for those reasons.

  2. Well I hope WordPress and Google get along because they make such great products. While WordPress is a great CMS program, Google provide the best site indexing, translation, email and file hosting services.

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