The Nivo Slider now has an official WordPress plugin


nivo slider wordpress plugin

The Nivo Slider is a popular jQuery plugin for creating highly customizable features sliders. I’ve used it myself a few times and have been pleased with how simple it is to change effects, transition speeds, add captions or thumbnails, etc.

Gilbert Pellogrom, co-founder of Biothemes and the creator of the Nivo Slider, has created a WordPress plugin to make its implementation into WordPress themes both simple and flexible. The plugin appears to utilize a custom post type, and allows for multiple sliders per page with simple shortcodes.

You can choose to pull post thumbnails from sticky posts or categories, or build sliders by manually uploading the images. Images will also automatically crop and fit to set dimensions.

You may be thinking to yourself that there is already a Nivo Slider plugin. That is true, but I believe it was coded by a third party, and it’s not as feature rich. However, this official plugin does come at a price. You can buy the Nivo Slider for $15.

Do you use the Nivo Slider? If so, are you excited about this plugin? I know it’s a pretty crowded market, but would you consider this sort of feature set worth a few dollars?

You can watch a demo video of the slider in action after the break.

8 thoughts on “The Nivo Slider now has an official WordPress plugin

  1. Awesome. Been waiting for this. Nothing wrong with spending a few dollars on a worthy plugin especially when you can use it on as many sites as you want.

    Thanks Brian.

  2. I was playing around with the Nivo Slider on a friend’s site at the weekend, pretty impressive stuff, and $15 isn’t exactly a lot if it’s going to make your life easier.

  3. I really like the Nivo Slider, it is very flexible and comes with a good set of features. We have implemented it in our themes as a widget. It’s coded so that it dynamically resizes itself depending on the widget area width – we have around 3 unique widget area widths.

    It isn’t the easiest thing to integrate into WordPress from scratch so a Plugin is a good idea, would be interesting to give it a test drive to see all the features. We may even release ours as a general Nivo Slider widget in the future too.

  4. I use the Nivo Slider on a WP-site without the plugin. I have coded it myself in WordPress, but without all those features. When I’ll need those features I’ll consider buying the plugin.

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