WP Design Coach launches new lifetime program, with a Christmas discount

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WP Design Coach, the recent startup venture from ex-iThemes team member James Dalman, has launched a new coaching program. This time around, though, the program comes with a one-time lifetime cost, rather than a yearly membership.

As Dalman puts it:

This new program will change the way I do things here at WP Design Coach by offering unique training courses that are a one-time, life-time fee instead of a yearly membership that can quickly become outdated and irrelevant. And the way the program is structured, it will help people achieve their goals and give them a feeling of accomplishment.  Oh yeah … you can also get the entire course right now at a Christmas discount!

That Christmas discount he spoke of is $199 for the digital version only, and $499 for the digital plus the coaching. Those prices will go up on January 3rd, 2011, so check it out before long if you’re interested.