New WordPress for Noobs online course coming in March

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Before you call me a jerk, the image above is pulled directly from Wigley's video. It's his own self-critical humor!

Griff Wigley, blogger and instructor at Your Thick Skull has landed a new WordPress course called “WordPress for Noobs”. The course will run eight weeks, from March 7 to April 29, and will cost each participant $97. The course will cover all of the WordPress basics, like creating and managing tags, media, sidebars and menus. Along with the course announcement Wigley has included an FAQ that describes more of the course.

There is also an introductory video to the course, which is embedded just after the jump.

Have you ever taken an online course to learn more about using WordPress? Have you ever recommended one to a friend or family member just getting started? Educate us in the comments.

One thought on “New WordPress for Noobs online course coming in March

  1. Thanks for the blurb, Ryan. I launched the first offering of this Noobs course 3 weeks ago, with about 40 participants. I’m pleased with how it’s going so I’m offering it again in March.

    All’s working well with the integration of two WordPress plugins to make the course happen:

    * Wishlist Member which handles the registration, integration with PayPal, and membership management

    * Simple:Press which provides the discussion forum for the course

    I’m assuming that you have a lot more WordPress whizzes following WPCandy than you do newbies. If so, there may be interest in the affiliate program I’ve set up which would allow people to earn a commission on anyone they refer. More at:

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