New Theme Showcase gives a public face to .com themes

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Automattic Theme Wrangler Lance Willett announced the new Theme Showcase yesterday, the new place to filter through and learn more about the themes offered by With over 100 different themes, the new showcase acts as a way for regular users to learn about other themes as well as a place for new users to find out what’s available.

As Willett puts it:

The Theme Showcase should be your first stop when thinking about themes. If you are considering starting a blog, begin here to pick the perfect theme. If you’re a veteran, come explore themes and maybe learn something new about your favorite theme. Prepare to be inspired!

Themes can initially be filtered alphabetically, by most popular, or by the date they were added to Then, from theme listing pages, themes can be filtered by feature, by subject, and by style.

So, this is sort of like Theme Finder but for, amirite? Right?