Elegant Themes adds new page templates to all themes, with a new twist

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Nick Roach at Elegant Themes has released a suite of new page templates for their themes. Along with the new page templates (listed below) the update brings a new system for tweaking page layouts. Each page template brings with it a custom meta box that gives page template-specific options, save-able on a per-page basis.

Roach explains the new system:

We have worked hard creating our own page template system that embeds an additional settings box into the WordPress post editor… For example, you could easily use the Image Gallery page template to create multiple image galleries on multiple pages, each of which could be populated by a different set of images from a different combination of categories.

The new page templates added to each Elegant Themes theme are:

  • Contact form,
  • Image gallery,
  • Sitemap,
  • Advanced search,
  • Member login,
  • Full width, and
  • Blog feed

Do you use many page templates in your WordPress themes? Do you create your own, or do you rely on those within the themes you purchase, like these in Elegant Themes’ work?

One thought on “Elegant Themes adds new page templates to all themes, with a new twist

  1. I’ve got the Elegant Themes subscription, and I’m playing around with the idea of upgrading to the developer’s license. (I may actually use one of their themes for an upcoming redesign, but we’ll see if it works once I get into it.)

    I think Nick’s themes are some of the most polished, straight out of the box, of any theme company I’ve seen. They’re beautiful.

    And yes, page templates are key… I’m looking forward to playing around with his new setup very soon.

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