New service customizes WordPress installations, speeds up installs

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How many WordPress websites do you set up each week? If you are in control of them, using WordPress Multisite is likely the most efficient way to continually set up WordPress sites. But if you don’t have control, or if you need to regularly put up new sites on new hosts, then going through the setup process each time might take up a lot of your time.

A new service will let you create your own custom installation, a distribution profile of sorts, to speed up the installation process a bit. Tim Trice has put together a free service on his blog that bundles up an install file for you, based on the themes and plugins you would like included in your WordPress setup. The options are currently limited, though it seems he plans to expand into more options in the future.

Presumably you could create your own bundle, much like this, and install it each time as well. What does your typical WordPress setup include? Do you have a consistent set of plugins and themes you always include in a setup? Feel free to indulge us with a list in the comments.