PressCoders is out with a new partner, new theme, and new plugin

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David Gwyer, founder of PressCoders, a WordPress theme and plugin shop, has been out with a lot of news in the last week or so.

First, he announced that Scott Bolinger is joining the PressCoders team. Gwyer says Bolinger’s skill set will compliment nicely to his own:

Scott is a well known and very respected graphics designer, and he’s joined PressCoders full-time as co-lead theme developer. With Scott’s top notch web design and graphics talent you can expect to see some great new theme designs over the coming year.

Their first project as a team is the new niche theme, FitPro. They call it “an online business in a box for fitness professionals.” You can view a full list of features and check out the demo. At first glance, the feature page really does a nice job of focusing on the fact that it is a website solution, rather than just a WordPress theme.

FitPro will set you back a cool $249 for the theme and support. Do you think there is room for extra money to be made on niche sites like this?

PressCoders also released a new plugin to minimise the upcoming 3.1 admin bar. We’ve already seen some examples to remove it, but Gwyer came up with a nice comprimise to minimise it instead. Users can choose whether the admin bar is minimized by default or not.

You can see more details about the Minimise admin bar plugin on their blog post and it is available for download on the official plugin repository.

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  1. Those niche site themes were one of the predictions for themes in 2011 on WPCandy. So I think this just shows that they were right on the spot with this prediction. Having “all-in-one” solution seems to be a good market not just for niche sites.

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