Official Facebook WordPress plugin makes your site social in a couple of clicks


Facebook has developed and released a new official WordPress plugin called (not surprisingly) Facebook. The plugin’s short description says “Make your WordPress site social in a couple of clicks, powered by Facebook.”

The new plugin is available now on the plugin directory, and based on the initial offering it could very well be the definite Facebook plugin for WordPress.

Among other things, the Facebook plugin enables the publishing of WordPress posts to timelines and pages in a really simple way. The plugin is built in a modular way, allowing you to turn on just the parts of the plugin you want to use.

Above: The Facebook settings screen that allows you to enable whatever features you’d like to use.

In total, the 1.0 version of the plugin offers:

  • Posting to the author’s Facebook timeline when they publish a new post or page in WordPress.
  • Mention friends and Facebook pages in updates.
  • Post new posts and pages to a specified Facebook page.
  • Like, send, and subscribe buttons are enabled in one click.
  • The ability to enable Facebook Comments.
  • Open Graph integration.
  • Addition of the recommendations bar, which allows users to click to start getting recommendations.
  • Bundled widgets include an Activity Feed Box, Recommendations Box, and Like/send/subscribe buttons.

In addition to Facebook (who has a brand new shiny profile, by the way) and its engineers, the plugin saw development from eight other developers including Otto and Automattic’s Daniel Bachhuber. If you recall, WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg recently called social one part of the next major phase WordPress will experience.

In addition to the plugin directory page, it appears Facebook will maintain developer documentation at the Facebook developer website.

If you’ve been looking for the one killer way to share your posts between your blog and Facebook, Facebook itself might have provided just that with this plugin. I haven’t had a chance to play with the plugin in its entirety yet, so if you have drop by the comments and let everyone know what you think.

31 thoughts on “Official Facebook WordPress plugin makes your site social in a couple of clicks

  1. Thank goodness. I’m so sick of working with broken Facebook plugins. I hope the ability to register users with your Facebook account will be in the works. Probably the only feature I don’t see here.

    • Login and registration is one of those tricky propositions, because everybody wants to do it slightly differently. I have both in SFC, for example, and one of the most common questions is “how can I integrate this with my custom login/register page, written by some-random-guy who barely knew what he was doing?”

      That’s the sort of problem you run into. Everybody wants to do it their own way, and will mark your plugin as broken when you tell them “no, it won’t do that”. Even just supporting BuddyPress is almost impossible, because every BP theme does it differently.

    • I totally agree. Impossible to find stable social plugins that “just works” the way I expect them to.

      Now I just hope Twitter will follow (pun intended) and release their own, awesome Twitter plugin for WordPress.

      Integration. The way forward.

      Oliver / WebMatros

  2. Thanks for sharing!

    I’m currently using to post new blogfeeds to my Facebook profile/ page and Twitter, and have a FB comment box on

    – but will have a look at this new FB plugin to see if it offers anything special for my blog.

  3. I’m really excited. Is it possible to publish to both a personal page and an author’s timeline at the same time?

  4. One of the best features i’ve found with this plugin is that you can select which fan page you want to publish to specifically rather than before where it went to your personal page.

    This is great because you don’t have to post content from your business blog to your personal page like before. You can now post automatically to any page you choose.

  5. No being a real accomplished developer . . . are there any good tutorials on setting up the FB app for this plugin? Does the site it ties into need an SSL certificate? Which options need to be picked, etc?

  6. Is it Facebook comments or nothing or can it somehow co exist with the WP Comment system?

    I think I have some visitors who will not comment if a Facebook account is required.

  7. This is great news, but the issue FB created a couple weeks ago with their login API is evidently still a problem. When posting from WordPress to Facebook, you need to have logged in to Facebook within 2 hours of publishing your post for the auto-post feature to work correctly (sometimes you even need to log out of FB and then log back in to get the post to work). We were very hopeful that with Facebook’s “official” plugin this would be fixed, but it’s still giving some of our clients trouble.

    Anyone else seeing this issue? Dev forums in other communities (WPMUDEV in particular) are lit up on the API/login problems.

  8. I added the new FB plugin yesterday. Everything works except comments. I was using Facebook Comments for WordPress plugin, and comments worked great. Anyone else having this problem? Any ideas of how to fix it?

  9. I’ve tried for 2 hrs! Can’t get the header message and corresponding link telling me to link my wp and fb accnts to go away.

    Matt, are you up for a teamviewer session?

    This plugin could be something great. I just need support.

  10. Catching up on the podcasts last week when I heard about this plugin. I cant wait to give it a go, just idea to put out there. What about a custom post that when selected would automatically post to FB. I think you guys call it “adding it to the core,” any way just thought I’d mention it, as I not even used the plugin yet!
    So I’ll leave you to it and go and download it right now.

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