New theme pricing at Kreative Themes brings more options to users


It seems that along with thoughts on the future of WordPress themes and mascot wars, the new year has brought with it the impetus for theme shops to adjust their pricing models. Press75 and Gorilla Themes each tweaked their system earlier this month, and now Kreative Themes has joined the party by introducing a couple of new new packages for their themes.

The new pricing structure means that for every theme purchase four pricing options are available:

  • Standard Lite for $29.90, which doesn’t include the PSD file or support,
  • Standard for $49.90, which includes access to support but no PSD file,
  • Webmaster Lite for $69.90, which includes a PSD file but no support,
  • and Webmaster for $99.90, which brings support and PSD files.

Does this pricing structure interest you folks? Do you like having more options, to potentially save money when you want a theme but don’t need all the trimmings? In general, what kind of pricing structure do you prefer?

2 thoughts on “New theme pricing at Kreative Themes brings more options to users

  1. 4 different levels seems a bit unusual, but it is nice to have options. I don’t usually edit themes down to the PSD level so it’s nice to save some bucks and skip that.

  2. We like to keep it simple for our customers, that’s why we have just one price model. All future updates are for free and free support without any time limit. 🙂

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