New free plugin “Highlighter” improves users’ commenting experience


Highlighter is a new plugin that adds impressive features to user interactions. The plugin allows users to select specific segments of a blog and comment directly there. Highlighter allows conversations to start around just a word, phrase, or image.

It also enables quick, easy sharing of specific segments of a post directly to Facebook and Twitter.

Another feature of Highlighter is that it automatically adds commentators to your mailing list. The free download is available now. See a full demonstration of the plugin after the jump.

Highlighter’s plans extend beyond a single WordPress plugin, though, as they explain on their about page:

Although we are starting with a WordPress plugin, Highlighter will eventually unify what you highlight, comment, and share across all content, platforms and devices, to create a dynamic relationship between publishers and readers.

Highlighter will keep those highlights, comments and notes in a centralized location that you can share with others and/or review at a later time.

That means whether you are reading a blog post from your computer or an eBook/PDF on youriPad, the interaction with content will remain the same.

Josh Mullineaux, Matt Blancarte, Nate Whitehill, and Muhammad Haris make up the team behind Highlighter.

You can follow the team on Twitter at @highlightercom.

9 thoughts on “New free plugin “Highlighter” improves users’ commenting experience

  1. This is definitely one of those ideas which I think everyone has thought of, but no one has implemented yet, and this looks like a great implementation!

    Really looking forward to giving this a try.

  2. 1) Instead of taking it from WordPress to the whole web, just take the whole web to WordPress. Should be pretty easy. 🙂
    2) That domain name is probably worth highlighting itself – very impressive.

    Looks like a great plugin.

    • Ha, re: 1) I believe we’re at 8 or 9% of the web now, right? I need to look that stat up to be sure.

      And for 2), I agree, couldn’t have been an easy one to grab.

      These types of plugins are tough, since they (in some way or another) change what the user is expecting in terms of selecting/copying text. Sometimes, whether it’s an improvement or not, the change can be confusing and in some cases frustrate. Because of that, I’m not sure what I think about it just yet.

    • Thanks for the comments Brian and thanks a ton for posting this Ryan!

      1) we have been developing for WordPress for the past 4 years and it would be great if the number was more like 50% instead of 8 or 9% 🙂

      2) if there has been one thing that we’ve learned over the years is the importance of branding. Having that domain does a ton for in so many ways and have heard a ton of positive response, well worth the purchase if you ask me.

      To your point Ryan, our thought was actually that people have been interacting with content via highlighting, marking up a page and then sharing since grade school. We just want to bring that ability to all forms of content. We will soon integrate with WP comments to make the experience more seamless, as well as rolling out to other platforms, types of content (pdf’s) and devices (like the iPad).

      Thanks again for your support guys and please keep the feedback coming!

  3. I installed the Highlighter plugin. Went to my wp-admin area, plugins, ‘activated’ it and then got the following message:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function add_object_page() in /home/cocean/public_html/wp-content/plugins/highlighter/ANNOtype.php on line 260

    Now, I can’t get back into my admin area to ‘deactivate’ and am truly stuck! Can you please help.

  4. Continuation… I was able to create a ‘fake’ plugins folder (empty) and get back into my admin area and deactivate Highlighter…

    Now what I would like to know is what has happened? Because, clearly, I would like to be able to use this plugin. I’m working with the theme ‘Underwater’ and this is a very simple weblog… for my learning experience and to get rolling for the next site…

    hopefully… there is an answer!

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