New features revealed for WordPress 3.1

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Jane Wells has written a post on the WordPress core development team’s official blog detailing the scope of WordPress 3.1. The post is a summary of all the features and fixes planned for 3.1 in Thursday night’s dev chat. No big projects are planned for the 3.1 release, however there will be a handful of new features added, including:

  • Internal LinkingUsers will be able to search for or browse through existing content on their own site and add links in much the same way one can currently add an external link.
  • Ajaxified Admin ScreensThis will enable sorting on most columns and also ajaxify sorting, searching and pagination.
  • Administration BarThe admin bar will be similar to the admin bar. It will most benefit multisite users, but also gives single site users quick access to backend features. Matt Mullenweg has said that the admin bar is the “first step toward a front-end editor.”

For a complete list of new features, visit the official post. The planned scope will be confirmed on September 9, 2010. WordPress 3.1 is expected to be released on December 15, 2010.

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  1. Internal linking – at last, glad to hear it’s coming. This is one of the last features needed before WordPress becomes a CMS that’s really reliable. I get so fed up when on sites with loads of internal links, the client changes the page slug or the whole site moves to a different domain, or a test site moves location. No more having to do find and replace throughout the database!

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