New contact form builder comes to users (and .org users)

3 Comments users are up for a treat this week, with the contact form function on their blogs has been upgraded in a pretty major way. As Joseph Scott describes, the work on the new contact form began two months ago, as a rethinking of forms in general.

The new contact form isn’t really a contact form, but a contact form builder. Fields can be added, removed, re-ordered via drag and drop and the visual options for requiring certain fields.

Scott explained how the new feedbacks panel (for form responses) mirrors another screen within the WordPress Dashboard:

The feedback management is patterned after the style of comment management.  Form submissions that Akismet marks as spam are under the ‘Spam’ section.  If for some reason Akismet made a mistake you can click the ‘Not Spam’ action and the details will be sent back to Akismet so that it can learn from the mistake.  And because you indicated that it wasn’t spam after all, the form results are emailed out again.  You can delete, restore, and permanently delete each entry as well.

This form builder is available for self-hosted WordPress users as well, as the Grunion Contact Form plugin on the WordPress Plugin Directory. A number of forum plugin options already exist, both paid and free, but having additional options out there never hurt anyone.

3 thoughts on “New contact form builder comes to users (and .org users)

  1. I think, new features on WordPress drive us to reduce plugin using. So it’s good for WordPress user, especially beginner. But for developer, their plugin will not be used then.

  2. I think they should put the featured in the
    plugin to the plugin for I’m guessing the .com is
    the one that lets you “build” the form. The .org plugin that I just
    installed is a standard “non-buildable” plugin.

  3. This will definitely a great help for newbies but if you are building websites for clients you may need premium contact form builder plugins that comes with some advanced features like conditional logic etc. I personally use FormBerry ( ) for my client’s sites if needed highly customized forms. Gravity forms is good too but it is too expensive and very resource intensive.

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