New pricing model at Press75 brings all themes for as low as $50


Jason Schuller quietly launched a new pricing model at Press75 on January 1st which gives new customers a very affordable way to gain access to all of his Press75 themes. Instead of the previous model, where themes were each purchased individually, the new model gives you access to all themes on a subscription basis starting at $50.

The new model brings three levels: Essentials, Plus, and Extended Packages. All of the packages include the use of all twenty two themes and various levels of access to support forums. The least expensive is the Essentials Package, which brings sixty days of access to theme updates and one new theme for $50. The most expensive, the Extended Package, brings 180 days of updates, four new themes, and access to support forums for $100.

Regarding the business decision, Schuller told us that improvement and experimentation is sometimes the best way to achieve your business goals, and that Press75 has been a constant experiment since its launch in June of 2008. He described this particular decision as having two main factors:

First, I never liked how my customers were divided based on the single theme they had purchased. With this new pricing, becomes one single WordPress resource/product where all of my customers have equal play. I think this concept will build the community in several regards. Plus, as a customer, it takes the hassle out trying to decide which theme would be suitable for your specific needs. If one theme doesn’t work out as you had planned, you can simply try another. Second, I realize there there are several types of customers/users and I want to accommodate that diversity as best I can without affecting my bottom line.

He also had past customers in mind when creating the new pricing structure. Past customers, who for instance only purchased one theme, all have the option to switch to the Plus Package and take its advantages. According to Schuller his customers have been very receptive to the change because “it is ultimately up to them what they like to do”.

The news of this new pricing model will likely be exciting to those interested in picking up Schuller’s themes once they are ported to popular WordPress theme frameworks. Word on the street is that he plans to port his themes to Genesis, Headway, Builder and Thesis very soon. That is if “street” is Twitter and “word” is Schuller’s own tweets. Once Schuller has a “substantial” number of themes ported for third party frameworks, he will be adding them as a benefit to the Extended Package and will potentially create new framework specific packages who want only frameworks themes. When Schuller does this, he will be the first (that we know of) in the WordPress theming community to port his own themes to other WordPress frameworks.

Are you any more interested in Press75’s themes with the new model? And will you grab any of them when they are ported to your favorite theme framework?

8 thoughts on “New pricing model at Press75 brings all themes for as low as $50

  1. Absolutely. I’ve been interested in Press75 for some time, but never made the leap – but now, it’s bound to be very soon.

    I don’t see WooThemes/Canvas in that list, but I’d be curious to see if it shows up there eventually…

  2. It’s an interesting approach.

    I think it’s good, because sometimes when you grab a theme in isolation you find during customising that it’s not ideal for purposes.

    One thing I am not clear on is the version updates. So if I have a theme that has new version released, do I only get an update if I am within that period, or are updates too for life?

  3. Is it intenional, that I can’t find a link to the $50 offer?
    I know, I can copy the word from the quote – but not a single link?

  4. Great news. Congrats Jason.

    How can the past customers switch to a new plan? I can’t find any info on Press75.

  5. Past customers can switch to any of the new plans based on how much you have spent in the past and when you made your purchase. I will be posting more info on soon.

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