Nearly one-third of all sites now moved to Page.ly3 setup


Joshua Strebel, co-founder of, released some new information about how their migration to what they’re calling “Page.ly3” is going. They have moved nearly 1/3 of all their sites to the improved setup, and have scheduled the rest to be moved later this month. If you’re part of that 1/3 that has already been migrated, you should notice a few changes:

  • The new Varnish caching layer. 400-500% loading speed increase on cached pages for non-logged in users.
  • Page.ly3 sites with FTP enabled are now using SFTP.
  • Load balanced web requests and database reads.

There are a few performance issues with those using the new system, but Strebel says that they’re working with Firehost to optimize the performance so that it meets their desired levels.

You can read more of the update in Strebel’s words on the blog. If you’re a user, have you noticed any changes to your sites?

3 thoughts on “Nearly one-third of all sites now moved to Page.ly3 setup

  1. One of my clients is using and we have been VERY impressed with and their support process. When we moved the Page.ly3, there were a few odd issues. stepped up, owned the problems and fixed them in less than 24hrs. I was really impression by the fact that they owned the issues and worked with us to resolve them. That went a long way in my decision to recommend all my clients to

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