In case you missed it: Multisite support for VaultPress is official


It’s been about three months since VaultPress previewed their new Multisite support, where they invited beta testers to come and help them test it out in the wild. We’re a bit late on this news, but there’s a good chance you might not have heard: a little while ago VaultPress announced that Multisite support had now been officially added to the plugin.

Krista Stevens pointed out within the announcement that each site would still require an individual subscription, with the cheapest option currently being $15 per month. VaultPress will still function as normal with your main site and backup the networks user table, plugins, and themes.

The (good) news swept round the internet and Twitter, although I do think a couple of people would have liked a different pricing structure. Donnacha Mac Gloinn mentioned it in the comments of the announcement post, where Pete Davis was on had with a reply:

[…] I agree with you that many companies would introduce some kind of sliding scale pricing with a product like this, and it’s something that we’ll probably look at too, but not yet: we’re focused on getting all the features built first.

Andrea Rennick does make an interesting point in a short post on WPMUTutorials.

Do you use VaultPress, and are you excited to see Multisite support as much as others are? Do you think they should have introduced a sliding scale pricing structure right from the start, or is it a smart move to get the functionality in place first?

5 thoughts on “In case you missed it: Multisite support for VaultPress is official

  1. I’ve been beta testing it for a few months now, and it seems to work pretty well, even if you don’t use it on all the sites in your network. The interface needs some polish though, basically each site is separate and it’s slightly confusing when you’re used to dealing with your multisite as one-big-entity.

  2. It struck me later they could be skipping the blogs.dir folder as well. I don’t know tho.

    We like to do server-side backups on multisite installs, tho the bonus I’ve always seen with Vaultpress is the file scanning.

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