Montana State University offers class on advanced WordPress blogging


College students in Big Sky Country are in for a treat next month: a course coming to Montana State University will help WordPress users take the next step to become familiar with plugins, custom menus and search engine optimization in a class appropriately called “Advanced WordPress”.

The course will be taught by instructor Jake Cook as part of Montana State’s Extended University. The course will be taught in two four hour sessions and cost $85.

The full course description is included just after the jump.

The full course description, from the registration page:

Course Description: Already up and running on WordPress but looking to get more out of your website? This class will show you how to further enrich your online presence using this powerful platform. Topics include leveraging plug-ins, search engine optimization tips, custom menus and templates, and getting specific functionality built into your website. Please Note: This is intended for experienced Word Press users who are already familiar with the platform. [sic]

I’ll admit it’s not a good sign to see WordPress mispelled in the course description, but we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. We have to start somewhere, right?

Have you heard about about WordPress being used in the classroom elsewhere? If so, let us know; we’re looking to collect occurrences  like this.

Would you take a class on WordPress if it was taught at your local university? Or, perhaps a more appropriate question for our incredibly savvy readers: would you be teach the class?

5 thoughts on “Montana State University offers class on advanced WordPress blogging

  1. Hmm, is it possible to learn blogging that way? 🙂

    The features and plugins are already there … and imho it doesnt need some professors to show them to anyone. Teach html, css and some java-script, so people can do it on their own.

    Or maybe the prof teaches good topics of blogs as well :)))

  2. Terrific! Despite questions, there is a plethora concepts and skills that can be elucidated. This curricula will likely spread.
    Surprised some CA school didn’t make the jump first.

  3. Hey there,

    I’m co-teaching the course at Montana State and just wanted to apologize on the spelling gaffe. Looks like we got it right in the first sentence but goofed at the end. We’ve got a request in to the web staff to correct it on the university’s website.

    We’re tentatively planning on offering our Beginner and Advanced courses again this fall in Bozeman. It’s been really encouraging seeing the interest online and in the community.

  4. Sad that our university has no blogging class … “do it yourself” works quite fine if you have some technical background knowledge and the ability to write intersting articles, but learning it from 0 would be cool.

    Good luck with your project – hopefully other universities will follow.

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