Mojo Themes sees big redesign, offering Anniversary Bundle deal


Mojo Themes, a theme marketplace that hosts a number of WordPress themes, has launched a redesign of its marketplace in conjunction with its one year anniversary. Designed by Brian Hoff, the new site is a good deal brighter than the last revision (comparison shot shown below after the jump).

Mojo’s J.R. Farr explained in the redesign launch post that the design process took about three months of work to finish, and a number of variations:

At the start of the creative direction and process, we would talk daily about ideas, looks, design styles, etc. and we went through a few weeks with a handful of variations. It was a draining but rewarding process and the full re-design process took close to 3 months to finish.  The old MOJO look was something we were proud of but we felt the time was right to essentially re-brand MOJO and set the standard. We feel like the current look represents us more as who we are and we’re excited for what the new site holds for us.

The Mojo team built out the new site starting from a clean slate as well, focusing on a “rock-solid framework built solely around [their] users.” The redesign announcement also included mentions of yet to be released features like MOJO Social, alert notifications, and enhanced seller controls.

In addition to the redesign, Mojo is promoting an Anniversary Bundle to celebrate their first year online. The bundle includes a number of WordPress themes, has a value of $442, and is available for only $25.

As we try to do each time a big WordPress community site redesigns, we have a comparison screenshot just after the jump. The old screenshot is based on an older snapshot, so it’s missing a few elements, but you’ll get the gist of it. While you’re taking a look, drop by the comments and let us know what you think of the redesign. How do you think it stacks up against other theme marketplaces?

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  1. Been there; bought that. What the “WP” is a “tumblr”?

    PS ThemeForest is superior.

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