Mojo Themes plants the seed for WPRoots launch


The team behind Mojo Themes is prepping a new site launch called WPRoots. Roots will join the Mojo family as a home for WordPress tutorials, focusing specifically on design and development. As J.R. Farr described in the announcement post, the plan for WPRoots involves Mojo paing WordPress professionals to write out the tutorials (which they have a call out for in their post):

Each tutorial on the site will be created by hand picked WordPress experts and the editors of the site will paid for their contributions. The tutorials would be catered more towards actual theme development and design. At the end of each tutorial we will include a full download of the tutorial along with the source files. Cool eh?

WPRoots hasn’t launched quite yet, but should be up soon. We’ll keep an eye on it, of course. In the meantime, it looks like the Mojo crew is also giving away their pre-launch landing page as well. See their post for more info.

What do you think is missing from the WordPress tutorial community? What would you like to see from new tutorial blogs like WPRoots? How can they stand out from the crowd?

2 thoughts on “Mojo Themes plants the seed for WPRoots launch

  1. I love that Mojo is doing this. They’re obviously competing heavily with Envato. If they ensure that each site they put out is at least as well planned as Envato’s then I don’t see why they’d have any problem surviving the game. More competition please!

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